New Year Delicacies

5AD41A1D-0751-4AE8-B548-2145132BF038CEBF2F4E-DAED-4A3B-8E3F-DFE4FE55D31C30330258-5356-4331-9AAD-6014073D0A887C780EF2-0B6E-4E13-B60D-2D7F06BDA93B75BA8CEE-3C79-429D-A5E6-5EE1822755F52E517236-B0A1-4ACD-9BA8-782C6B470467Holiday cheer is only accomplished with fabulous food, roudy people and joyful laughter.

The curtain is lifted on my New Years Eve with friends and family, a menagerie of charcuterie trays and island preserves, not to mention silly board games that will fill the air with meniacle noises: also known as laughter in my house.

Hope all of your New Years are filled with happiness! 🙂


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